A touching letter

Ship detail







We Recently had the pleasure of working with Mr Jay Everett. Jay is a Grand Island resident with a great skill in building model ships. His most recent model is stunning and full of detail. We photographed the ship so he could show off his work to friends and family around the country.

Shortly after completing the work we recieved this very touching letter.


Dear Mr. Maggiore,

I have recieved many comments on the pictures you made of the ship for me.

Several have told me that they have framed them and hung in their homes.

One, was a friend of mine, he has had brain surgery and two tumors the size of golf balls removed. He is unable to walk without a walker and spends most of his time in a wheelchair. He told me he had it framed and has is beside him.

Thank you for the fine work and the time you gave to make these fine pictures.

Jay Everett.


side of ship