Behind the Lens

Hal MaggioreExpert photographer, Hal Maggiore, has been plying his trade since 1976, but his love for the art was sparked when he picked up a camera as a teenager.

Hal studied Art and Architecture at the University of Nebraska, the University of California Berkeley, and Northern Illinois University. He was an art instructor in Illinois, and has taught photography at Hastings College, in Hastings, Nebraska. His expertise has led him to conduct numerous seminars on photography and digital imaging.

Hal Maggiore has been voted Grand Island's "Best Photographer" too many times to count, and he has received numerous Addy Awards for his work. Maggiore is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Professional Photographers of Nebraska.

He and his wife, Jubi, have four children, so Hal understands the importance of children's portraits.

Hal's interests include creating art, decor, history, and love.